Hey now, I’m an All-Star

February 22, 2011

All Star weekend (actually felt like a whole month) was full of the usual celebrity sightings and huge crowds. Security was tight.  So tight in fact that one of our own brethren got locked out of the building pre-game while he was doing an appearance, and wouldn’t be let back in because he didn’t have his pass around his big fuzzy neck!  True story!   Some highlights were wrestling with Lenny Kravitz, briefly wearing Mark Wahlburg’s son as a hat, feeding cotton candy to Justin Bieber,  getting sucker punched by Dwight Howard and throwing a fist full of popcorn at Cee Lo Green’s big bald head.  It was awesome to see Derrick introduced as a starter, and even more incredible to see how humble he was and continues to be.  It’s going to be a great 2nd half of the season.  :)

Stay Fuzzy,